Propolis Liquid 40%

Bright Nature Propolis Liquid

- Alcohol free
– 40% strength
– Contains 200mg/mL of propolis resin – equivalent to 400mg/mL of propolis
– 3 – 10 drops in a glass of water or apply externally 2-3 times – daily

Honey bees collect a resin-like substance, called propolis, from various trees. Bees use this propolis to seal cracks in their hives, which prevents the transmission of diseases
Propolis is thought to have antibiotic properties that are among the strongest found in nature.

It has been discovered that propolis gains its protective properties from the abundance of Bioflavonoids – a type of nutrient which enhance our absorption of Vitamin C.

Bright Nature’s Bee Propolis is of enhanced quality as it is derived from Eucalyptus trees. The high levels of Bioflavonoids strengthen the immune system – and just as it does those bee hives – protects the body from disease and infection.

As well as promoting good general health, propolis may provide relief for:
– Stomach ache
– Ulcers
– Open wounds
– Abscesses
– Coughs and colds
– Burns
– Cuts

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