New Zealand Manuka Honey - 250g

New Zealand Manuka – 250g

Bees gather pollen from the flowers of the Manuka Bush, which is indigenous to New Zealand. Dr Molan of Waikato University Biochemistry discovered that Manuka honey has unique medicinal qualities. This super honey has the ability to naturally destroy staphyloccucus and streptococcus bacteria – these are typically involved in the common sore throat, cold sore and fever blister.

Manuka Honey may be consumed to improve the immune system, or provide an all-natural remedy for:
– Sore throat
– Colds
– Cold sores
– Fever blisters
– Pimples and acne
– Minor cuts, scratches and abrasions

Honey Land Bright Nature supplies Manuka honey with graded Unique Manuka Honey Factor (UMF) which is an indicator of the medicinal strength. Honey Land supplies different grades of Manuka honey, the highest being Active UMF 20+ which is among the highest on the current market.


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