Royal Jelly - 1000mg x 365 Capsules

Royal Jelly 1.1% (365 caps)

Royal jelly is a liquid secreted by worker bees. This nutritious liquid is fed to young honey bees (larvae) and importantly, the queen bee (hence the name royal jelly). This liquid is essential in developing the larger size and associated fertility of the queen bee.
Royal Jelly has many benefits such as:
– Increasing energy and stamina
– Improving general wellbeing
– Resistance to disease
– Enhancing skin tone
– Enhancing hair and nail strength

– 360 or 60 capsules
– Super Strength 10-H2DA 2% or Standard Strength 10-H2DA 1.1%
– Take 1-2 capsules daily – for best results, consume before breakfast

Special – 2 for $175


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